Battery Charger 16A Fully Automatic - SPBC16 - Sealey

£148.99 inc VAT

• Fully automatic 7-stage battery charger, designed for charging a variety of GEL, AGM, lead acid and calcium batteries with auto chemistry selection.
• Automatically selects and charges 6, 12, or 24V batteries depending on battery connected.
• Zero volt battery charging, enabling recovery and charging of a completely discharged battery (providing any load removed from the rechargeable battery).
• Old battery sulfation repair function.
• Reverse polarity, short circuit, over temperature and overcharging protection.
• Intuitive LED screen displays illuminated charging stages, volts and amps output and battery capacity.
• Compact design with unique retractable hanging hook, and cable management system which allows the clips to be stored neatly away when not in use.
• 5 Year guarantee*.
• Model No. SPBC16