Battery Support Unit & Charger 12V-25A/24V-12.5A - Sealey - BSCU25

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• High frequency inverter type unit designed to both charge a battery and provide support for the battery during prolonged electronic diagnostic checks or as power support for vehicles displayed in showrooms or forecourts.
• Charge cycle has 9 profiles designed to optimise the condition of the battery and the speed of the charge.
• It will recover a discharged battery (>2V) to almost 100% of its original capacity.
• Input Current: 2.4A.
• Output (12V/24V): 25A/12.5A.
• Designed for use with lead acid and lead calcium batteries including WET, GEL, AGM/GEL and VRLA types on 12V and 24V systems.
• Temperature sensor allows accurate charging of battery even when battery is cold.
• Safety circuitry prevents sparks or polarity reversal.
• Once fully charged, battery may be left connected and will automatically condition and maintain the battery.
• Model No. BSCU25