DPF Ultra Cleaning Station - Sealey - DPF1

£6,709.99 inc VAT

• Provides an off-vehicle, same day workshop cleaning solution.
• The machine uses a mixture of high pressure air, chemicals and water.
• The cleaning station along with the Sealey recommended chemicals, offers a fast and cost effective way to completely clean and protect any DPF.
• Great revenue boost for any workshop.
• Each treatment will require a DPF Ultra Cleaning Kit (Model No. DPF1KIT) which includes 1 x Ultra Clean and 1 x Ultra Protect Solution.
• The ultra cleaning chemical is a unique solution specially formulated to safely lift impurities from the DPF.
• The protect chemical features the latest nano-catalyst technology to keep your DPF cleaner for longer.
• Also features an automatic service function allowing the user to continue with other work.
• Model No. DPF1