Hybrid Workshop Tool Kit - Sealey - HP55KITCOMBO

£1,398.99 inc VAT

• Independent garages are now seeing a marked increase in hybrid and electric vehicles being presented to them for service and repair work. With the rapid change in the design of vehicle powertrains in recent years, motor vehicle technicians are having to adapt to new technologies and working practices to be able to safely work on these types of vehicle.
• The Sealey HP55KITCOMBO contains a comprehensive range of tools and equipment that will be required to enable vehicle technicians to carry out work on these types of vehicle safely.
• Package includes:
Model No. - Description
• RWSBKIT - 25m Red/White Post & Chain Kit
• HYBRIDTAG - Keyring Warning Tag
• HYBRIDSIGN - Warning Sign
• HVSA4 - 200 x 300mm High Voltage Warning Sign
• HRP45 - High Voltage Rescue Pole
• GT117 - Pneumatic Glove Tester
• HVG1000VL - 1kV Safety Gloves
• HVM17K02 - 1 x 1m Insulating Rubber Safety Mat
• AK7942 - 9pc 3/8"Sq Dr 6pt Insulated Socket Set VDE
• AK6122 - 6pc GripMAX® Screwdriver Set VDE
• AK83452 - 3pc Pliers Set VDE
• AK63171 - 7pc Insulated Open-End Spanner Set VDE
• TA320 - Digital Automotive Analyser/Insulation Tester
• Model No. HP55KITCOMBO