Induction Heating Tool Kit (1.75KW) - Draper - 80808

£562.99 inc VAT

Expert Quality, easy to use induction heater, operated by simply installing the appropriate coil type and place over or around the ferrous metal you wish to heat. Each kit is Supplied with a hardwearing carry case and four different shaped coils, delivering flexibility of use. When compared against braziers or welding/heating techniques, induction heaters are far safer and economic, as they don't use a naked flame and you save on gas bottle hire. Display packed.

Input Voltage - 230V, 50/60Hz
Input Current - 7.5A
Power - 1.75kW
Load Factor - 50%@1.5kVA and 100%@1.0kVA
Weight - 5.14kg
Dimensions - 200 x 140 x 75mm


1 x 19mm Direct coil
1 x 26mm Direct coil
1 x Flex coil
1 x Pad coil