Schumacher Wheeled RoadStart® Emergency Jump Starter 12/24V 1500hp - Sealey - PBIW6200

£1,798.99 inc VAT

• High performance (2x 32Ah) AGM battery, specially formulated to jump-start up to 1500hp diesel vehicles.
• 2400 Cranking Amps on 12V, 1200 Cranking Amps on 24V.
• Peak Amps 6200/3100 on 12/24V respectively.
• Rotomolded high durability casing with lifetime warranty.
• Patented 4A microprocessor controlled speed charging and thermal runaway protection.
• Unlike other booster packs, can be left safely on charge continuously.
• Audible warning signals if the unit has been turned on for too long without being connected to a battery and reverse polarity.
• Isolating rotary on/off switch and analogue display showing the internal battery level.
• 12V Output socket can be used as a memory saver as well as for powering accessories such as mini compressors.
• Ventilation system vents gases directly out of the casing via a 'Whistle' outlet, warning the user of a potential issue.
• A fuse integrated in the (+) clamp provides short-circuit and overload protection.
• Heavy-duty clamps with a braided link between each jaw for maximum power transmission.
• Curved clamps provide easier access to awkward battery terminals.
• Cable Length: 1.4m.
• Model No. PBIW6200