Screw Compressor 270ltr 10hp 3ph Low Noise with Dryer - Sealey - SSC12710D

£8,031.99 inc VAT

• Maximum Free Air Delivery: 30.2cfm(860ltr/min).
• Maximum Pressure: 145psi(10bar).
• High performance, top of the range screw compressor offers high continuous output of air with low running costs.
• Provides compressed air 24/7 with minimal downtime.
• Very few moving parts means servicing/maintenance will be less frequent.
• Insulated Class F 10hp motor with IP54 protected control box, which is easy to operate.
• Digital display shows key information like air pressure, oil temperature and maintenance schedules.
• Insulated outer casing to minimize noise (67dB(A) at 1mtr) and protect inner components.
• Drain valve tap at base of unit to ensure easy function tank drain when required.
• Built-in air dryer allows the unit to produce cleaner purified air especially required when paint spraying.
• The dryer can also help prevent corrosion which may cause airways to be clogged and also helps prevent air from freezing.
• Model No. SSC12710D