Transmission Jack 0.6tonne Vertical Quick Lift - Sealey - 600TRQ

£452.99 inc VAT

• Min./Max. Saddle Height: 1125/1950mm.
• Quick Lift feature to reduce time and effort.
• Only a maximum of 30 pumps needed to reach full height.
• Single foot pedal operation keeps hands free during lifting process.
• Spring loaded dead man's safety release control reduces the risk of inadvertent lowering.
• Two-way hydraulic unit ensures that the saddle lowers at a controlled speed at all times, even without load.
• Hydraulic unit larger than the economy models for improved performance and durability.
• Saddle is reversible allowing a jack pad to be fitted to support items other than transmissions.
• Castors and side handle for easy manoeuvrability.
• Suitable for use with Optional Adjustable Gearbox Supports - Sealey Model No's: ADT1, ADT2, ADT3.
• Model No. 600TRQ